Review 16: The Wicked (2.5/5)

The Wicked

Directed by Peter Winther

Starring Devon Werkheiser, Justin Deeley, Diana Hopper, Jess Adams, Jackelyn Gauci, Chase Maser, Cassie Keller

Released on April 30, 2013

Running time: 1h 46m

Not rated (Suggested rating: R for disturbing violence, language, and brief nudity)

Genre: Horror

Its just a senior dare. You just need to go to the old abandoned house, nicknamed … “Open Hearth”…or something like that. You take a small stone and throw it at the house. If you break a window…then THE WICKED (Cassie Keller) WILL GET YOU. She eats children to stay young. She eats teens to stay strong, with emphasis on the pretty ones for beauty.

Such is the legend that the drives the plot.

We begin with a prologue in which a little girl is kidnapped by THE WICKED.

We cut to a new scene. In the aftermath of his grandfather’s funeral, Zack (Justin Deeley), his girlfriend Julie (Jess Adams), his friend Carter (Chase Maser), and Carter’s girlfriend Tracy (Jackelyn Gauci) decide to test this legend. Zack’s brother Max (Devon Werkheiser) and his girlfriend Sam (Diana Hopper) plan to play a prank on them. Zack’s group goes to the house and one of them breaks a window. They leave the house and camp in the woods that night. Max and Sam arrive and Max breaks a window.

So THE WICKED begins hunting them.

One issue: I’ve seen it all before. Except for one thing. In this case, you can get naked, but you’re only screwed if you have sex.

While it’s about time that the villain of a horror film was a witch, she’s just a retread of other, better horror villains.

The story’s kind of weak, the characters are somewhat stereotypical, the acting is mediocre at best. But hey, at least the characters are trying to be at least a little heroic, and Max and Sam both manage to cast aside the temptation of nonmarital sex. Good for them. I’m serious. Well done. It pretty much ensures their survival. And the two Douche Cops are enjoyably douchey.

Here’s a movie that, despite a pretentiously named monster (THE WICKED), is actually trying to be good. It’s an average horror film, but, deep down, you can tell it’s trying.

It just doesn’t succeed.

Final verdict: 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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